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5 benefits you never knew about the Aztec Indian Healing Clay Mask

5 benefits you never knew about the Aztec Indian Healing Clay Mask

If you’re wondering why clay masks are so popular, you’ve come to the right place because we are about to share a beauty secret that is as old as time.

History has it that in 800BC, Her Majesty, Queen Cleopatra used clay from River Nile in Egypt, Northern Africa as her everyday beauty routine, which was picked up and transported to many cultures and communities around the world.

Interestingly, the Aztec Indian Healing clay mask is also believed to have been used in the 16th century, where a French priest who used it as a treatment recipe.

It has subsequently gone on to become a facial care and treatment solution used by so many people around the world.

We are not trying to bore you with history, but stop to think of it, if this clay mask has been used for so long, then it must be effective with great benefits, right?

Well, the Aztec hidden Indian curing clay mask includes calcium bentonite, which is extracted in various parts of the world and sun-dried for up to six months in high temperatures that can often exceed 134 degrees before being
able to be used for facials, skin treatments, and even insect bites.

Here are 5 benefits of the Aztec Bentonite Healing Clay Mask that you probably do not know:


  • Great Exfoliant

The clay exfoliates the skin gently by absorbing dirt, excess fat, and other toxins. The Aztec Indian healing clay mask when combined with jojoba oil can help treat acne-prone skin and reduce the appearance of scars. It is also capable of unclogging pores, eliminating blackheads, and regulating sebum.

  • Protects your skin

The minerals in bentonite clay prevent premature ageing by absorbing toxins produced in the skin as a result of exposure to toxic UV rays. Some sunscreens containing bentonite minerals can serve as protection against harmful sun rays.

  • Treat skin conditions

Owing to its relaxing and hydrating qualities, it is used to treat skin infections, eczema, psoriasis, ulcers and used in moisturizers and diaper creams to cure dermatitis. The Aztec clay mask is not only easy to apply, but it also does not leave an unpleasant spot on the skin post-treatment
because it is not greasy or sticky.

  • Skin tissue regeneration and stimulation of collagen. 

When used regularly, Aztec Bentonite healing clay masks will aid in skin tissue regeneration and collagen stimulation. As a result, it can aid in skin cell regeneration and skin tightening, making your face appear younger by removing fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Makes your skin glow

According to skincare experts, the silica in bentonite clay helps in making your skin soft and radiant. It is believed that silica helps the skin absorb nutrients more efficiently making your skin brighter and healthier. Regular use of the Aztec clay mask is also said to lighten skin discolouration caused by acne marks, scars, and blemishes. In order words, it helps your skin glow.

Have you used the Aztec Indian healing clay mask? Did you notice any of these benefits? We’ll love to know.