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The Headband Wigs are so BOMB !! - 6 Reasons why we love them.

6 Reasons why we LOVE the Headband Wig !!

Wearing headbands across the forehead, using them to lay back your natural hair or even match an outfit used to be the ‘It’ thing of the 90’s….

90s gif

...but you know what they say…nothing is never new under this sun… Introducing the genius millennial version… Headband wigs of course!

In times when owning a wig is almost like... inevitable, headband wigs were anticipated. While you might think that the headband wig is a new trend that might fizzle out just like any other fashion trend, it might interest you to know that these type of wigs (headband wigs) were allegedly produced due to the shortage of lace at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Not only are the headband wigs trendy, but they are also a solution to worrying about edges and lace frontals and for these reasons and more we believe that headband wigs are most definitely here to stay. Here are six reasons why we love the headband wig:

  • Easy to Put-on and Maintain

In comparison to lace wigs, headband wigs are often known as "No lace wigs" because you don't have to go through the time-consuming process of glueing, bleaching, tinting and plucking the hair. It's a simple beginner wig that you can put on and style yourself. Since there is no glue, sew-in, or application of any hair product, headband wigs also protect your hairline from damage.


  • Protects Your Hairline

Growing your edges, will be uber simple with the Headband Wig. Since there is no glue, no sew-in, and no application of any hair product, headband wigs protect your hairline from damage. Human hair headband wigs are light and breathable, making them perfect for growing and nurturing your edges and convenient for all occasions.

  • Variety of styles

Headband wigs are available in a range of designs and colours, allowing you to avoid the hassle of bleaching the wig to fit your hair colour. You can also choose any hairstyle you like in a variety of textures and lengths, and guess what? You can select ones that pair with some of your favourite outfits. At Nubian Galore, we sell the a variety of headband wigs, such as the Yaki Straight Headband Wig, The Kinky Curly Headband wig, The Afro Kinky Curly headband wig etc.

  • Hairline Friendly

Headband wigs may be worn to cover or show your hairline, depending on your choice. It can be placed slightly backwards to highlight your natural hairline and well-styled edges. To mask your hairline, you can also pull it all the way forward. The second choice is best for those who are undergoing hair loss or have sparse edges and are currently treating them


  • Trendy and Stylish

This headband wig is not only comfortable to wear, but it also helps you to play around with various headbands and scarves in front of your wig. You may also purchase headband wigs in several colours, designs and prints to style your wig. You can change your Headband style as much as you want.

  • More Budget-friendly

The cost of a headband wig is less than that of a lace frontal wig or other wig types. You can also save money on wig installation and removal by buying a no lace wig instead of going to a hairstylist.


Do you also love headband wigs? Sound off in the comments below xx