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5 Reasons why you must try the NEW Cantu Flaxseed Collection

The new Cantu Flaxseed collection is absolute fire !! Yes, you read that right. The Cantu Flaxseed collection comes with five key products; a cleansing shampoo, a restoring conditioner, a defining cream gel, a smoothing oil and a strong hold hair wax stick (which ultimately reminds us of one of our Keracare Faves).

We have been hoping for something new from Cantu for a while, and we are pleased to say that the new Cantu Flaxseed Collection has been worth our wait 



The Cantu Flaxseed Collection is 'wash day and then some' personified. The collection is made up of the key essentials, which is not only convenient for you when purchasing, but is also great if you prefer sticking to the same hair care products when washing and maintaining your hair. The Cantu Flaxseed Hair Wax Stick, can also be used on both natural hair and on your wigs.. versatility always wins.


The key ingredients in this new collection by Cantu, are Flaxseed Oil, Olive Oil and Shea Butter. Flaxseed Oil is infused with Vitamin E which is known to not only treat hair loss, but also stimulates stronger hair growth and also prevents dandruff (which may typical occur from the dryness of scalp).

Olive Oil keeps our hair moist and hydrated, whilst Shea butter is the ultimate sealant for keeping in moisture and retaining the key nutrients in our locks.


We didn't think that anything could beat the original Cantu Scent... well this just did. We just love the a good scent, especially on our hair and this 👏🏿is 👏🏿it 👏🏿!!


Just like the other products from Cantu, the New Flaxseed Collection is only infused with goodness. No Parabens or Sulfates are in this collection. This is especially essential for Black hair Care .


With the new Cantu Hair Collection, you can rest assured that you will get the absolute value for your money. Whilst all the products are great, our favourite has to be the Cantu Flaxseed Hair Wax, we would definitely recommend this whole collection and are pleased to say that it was absolutely worth the wait.


Have you tried the New Cantu Flaxseed Collection yet ?

If you have, please let us know your thoughts below 👇🏿💜