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Curly Braids are all the range these days and there are several reasons why. Come close and get on this Braided Curly Tea and why it is all the rage at the moment.
Say goodbye to disappointment and hello to perfect curls that last all day with the CHERISH SYN 3X SPIRAL PRE STRETCHED FRENCH CURL BRAID. This innovative hair extension is designed to give you beautiful, voluminous curls with minimal effort.
Whether you have short hair and want to add length and body or you're looking to switch up your style, this braiding hair is the perfect solution.
Experience the joy of perfect curls that are as stunning and long-lasting as they are effortless.

Braided Wigs provide the effortless clean and braided look without the pain, time, and effort it takes to get them done. Sounds like a major W to us.

Say goodbye to the pain that comes with braiding your hair.

Braids are always nice but the process of getting them done is a whole different story altogether.

Now, we can rejoice because braided wigs have finally come into the beauty industry.

Mielle Organics is a hair cosmetics company that was founded in 2014, by 

Black entrepreneur and CEO Monique Rodriguez, while she was on a journey to restore her heat-damaged natural curls. 

It has now become a global success story and was recently acquired by the global conglomerate P&G. Mielle Organics has a wide range of products which are mostly divided into the ranges.

Recently, the Rosemary Mint Scalp and Hair Strengthening Oil has become so popular on Tiktok, soooo popular, that it has even introduced a whole new demographic to the product.

Because we are all about women supporting women and female power, we have compiled a list of some of our fave black female beauty entrepreneurs breaking boundaries and making the black community proud through their contributions to the beauty industry. These women have created global brands that are not only solving problems but are an inspiration to other women. If you don’t already know these women of excellence, you should read on to find out about them and their brands.

If you’re wondering why clay masks are so popular, you’ve come to the right place because we are about to share a beauty secret that is as old as time.

History has it that in 800BC, Her Majesty, Queen Cleopatra used clay from River Nile in Egypt, Northern Africa as her everyday beauty routine, which was picked up and transported to many cultures and communities around the world.

Interestingly, the Aztec Indian Healing clay mask is also believed to have been used in the 16th century, where a French priest who used it as a treatment recipe.

It has subsequently gone on to become a facial care and treatment solution used by so many people around the world.

Olaplex has just blessed us with something New. Say Hello ... to the Brand New No.8 Olaplex Bond Intense Moisture Mask

This magic pump addresses all sort of hair concerns, ranging from thermal damage to curl definition to moisture retention and so much more.

In times when owning a wig is almost like... inevitable, headband wigs were anticipated. While you might think that the headband wig is a new trend that might fizzle out just like any other fashion trend, it might interest you to know that these type of wigs (headband wigs) were allegedly produced due to the shortage of lace at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic...

No matter the difference in backgrounds that we come from, or the Continents we may call home, or even the food that we find so appealing, there is one item that we can guarantee will be seen in each home of every Black Queen, and that is Hair Gel.


Whether its Eco Styler, Edge Control, Edge Tamer …or wink Gorilla Glue, there is bound to be a pot of our oh so treasured style–saving & edge-laying grace. We once heard someone saying “Glue is to a Nubian Girl, what a mirror is to a hallway”.


Synthetic wigs UK are a great alternative to Virgin Hair Wigs. They are much better in terms of price and are also easy to get in a variety of styles and already produced colours.