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The Best "Gorilla Glue" for Your Hair Natural Hair Needs.

No matter the difference in backgrounds that we come from, or the Continents we may call home, or even the food that we find so appealing, there is one item that we can guarantee will be seen in each home of every Black Queen, and that is Hair Gel.


Whether its Eco Styler, Edge Control, Edge Tamer …or wink Gorilla Glue, there is bound to be a pot of our oh so treasured style–saving & edge-laying grace. We once heard someone saying “Glue is to a Nubian Girl, what a mirror is to a hallway”.


We couldn’t agree more, the Hallway would still look bomb without the mirror, however the mirror being there is more than essential and has definitely saved each and every single one of us, from some form of major embarrassment at one point of our lives.


I am sure we have all seen the video of our Beautiful Sis, Tesica Brown lamenting about a particular problem that many of us would actually appreciate… all be it, in a much much much a lesser degree… and that is the unyielding holding power of Gorilla Spray. Yes, that is correct and you read it correctly… Gorilla Spray… not Glue.


Tesica’s ( @im_d_ollady) dilemma on TikTok quickly became viral, as she explained in painstakingly detail that she had run out of Got 2 Be Spray and decided to use Gorilla Spray (A Spray for Furniture) on her natural hair to achieve the versatile protective ponytail hair style. This was over a month ago and since then, after 15 Washes… her hair and edges are still completely laid.


Now, we sympathise with her wholeheartedly, as she made it very clear, that the prolonged slayage “is not by choice”, however we cannot help but admire the smooth and flat finishing of her hair, the perfectly laid down baby edges and the style literally being perfectly intact, as if Sis just came out of the salon, less than an hour… actually scratch that… less a minute ago !


Tesica, then proceeded to advise her viewers, that if they ever run out of Got 2 B Glue spray, they should not use Gorilla Spray, unless they want their hair to end up like hers.



Well, we have even better advice, Nubian Galore stocks the right Gorilla Glue for Natural Hair, which is  Moco De Gorilla Extreme Hold Glue ( Gorilla Snot) , as well as  a wide range of Edge Controls, Holding Sprays, Gels, Hair Snots and more.


Gorilla Snot Glue 

With the Moco De Gorilla Extreme Hold Glue (Gorilla Snot), we cannot guarantee a forever lasting experience like Tesica’s , however you can be sure of an advanced residue-free formula, that will give your hair maximum hold and withstand any weather (bring on the rain ) and any activity ( so… there is no excuse to not hit that gym).


The Gorilla Glue can be safely washed off and will also nourish your hair with natural ingredients.


We wish Tesica all the best, we trust and believe that this experience will not only make her wiser, but also open up avenues of opportunity for her…and once again…with the power of Social Media, we have all learnt something new.